Malaysians Can Finally Travel to Japan (and Other Quarantine-Free Countries)

Malaysians now can travel to Japan as Japan has lifted its quarantine and test requirements for fully-vaccinated travellers in October 2022.

With most of the world’s countries starting to relax their travel restrictions and welcome inbound tourists, Japan, one of the strictest countries when it comes to managing border restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, has also started to revive its travel industry just in time for the coming winter and spring season.

We will answer some of the burning questions you may have relating to Japan travel guidelines after the Government of Japan announced the latest travel information and restrictions on 11th October 2022.

So, can I pack my bags and travel to Japan now?

The short answer is… YES! Although Japan has finally opened for travelers from most countries without needing to apply for a visa, there are still a few restrictions that could stop you from packing your clothes, booking a flight, and buying AXA travel insurance (safety first always!).

What are the newly lifted travel restrictions in Japan that I should know about?

If you haven’t heard the news, in late September 2022, the government of Japan introduced new COVID-19 measures for travelers arriving from countries they color-coded as “blue”, “yellow” and “red”.

However, on 11th October 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan issued a statement informing that travelers from “blue” countries are not required to produce proof of vaccination when they visit Japan. Guess what? Malaysia is listed in the blue category! Yippie!

Visa exemption to Japan has resumed from 11th October 2022 onwards!

Yes, Malaysians do not need a visa to enter Japan for a short-term stay of fewer than 90 days starting from 11th October 2022 onwards. The Japanese Government has also exempted 67 other countries and regions from requiring a visa to visit Japan.

Tourists are highly encouraged by the Japanese Government to use the MySOS app before entering Japan. This app is used to upload or store your vaccination and COVID-19 test details that you may need to show upon arrival in Japan. You can follow the instructions on how to install the MySOS app on your smartphone here.

Do I need to be vaccinated to enter Japan now?

Source: Japanese Border Measures

No, you do not need to be vaccinated to enter Japan according to the updated travel restrictions.

Travelers who have received three doses of the vaccine (at least one booster shot) are allowed to travel to Japan without doing the PCR test before boarding their flight. However, unvaccinated travelers are required to get a negative PCR test result within 72 hours of departure.

You are also not required to do any COVID-19 test upon arrival, be quarantined, ordo any other measures regardless of your vaccination status.

Do I have to wear a mask in Japan?

No, you are not required to wear a mask outdoors unless you are in a crowded area. But heads up - most of the people there still wear masks even when they’re outside. So, you may get weird stares from the locals when you walk around without a mask.

However, you are still required to wear masks indoors unless you are more than two meters away from other people. Another heads up – most Japanese also still wear masks indoors no matter the occasion. Consider yourself informed on the social culture of the Japanese people 😉

Like Malaysia, you are required to mask up in Japan when you are on public transport. So, always keep a mask with you when you go out and about.

Should I reserve museums and restaurants in advance?

You are highly advised to make an advance booking to secure your preferred date and time, especially when you want to dine in at popular restaurants or visit places like the museums in big cities or other tourist destinations in Japan during the peak season.

What are the latest attractions and places to visit in Japan?

There is always something for everyone in Japan, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been there many times! If you love culture, you can visit the new Ishikawa Prefectural Library in Kanazawa. The library was opened in early 2022, big enough to house up to 2 million books!

For Super Mario fans, you can fly to Osaka and visit Super Nintendo World which opened during the pandemic. You can also visit the highly anticipated Ghibli Park, which is set to open its doors on 1st November 2022in central Japan’s Aichi region. Be ready to discover all the hidden secrets in the world of Studio Ghibli!

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Not planning to travel to Japan just yet? Don’t worry. Here are 20 quarantine-free countries Malaysians can visit today!

  1. Thailand
  2. Singapore
  3. Vietnam
  4. Cambodia
  5. Indonesia
  6. The Philippines
  7. Australia
  8. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  9. South Korea
  10. The Maldives
  11. Nepal
  12. Sri Lanka
  13. Turkey
  14. Egypt
  15. Mauritius
  16. Taiwan
  17. United Kingdom
  18. Switzerland
  19. France
  20. Canada

IMPORTANT: Travel restrictions are subject to change. Please refer to the local government for up-to-date information before planning your trip.


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